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    eQ Submitted Notification Email


      Can someone please tell me which server config is controlling the email notification that comes back when a Supplier returns an eQuestionnaire? Is it the Supplier Portal server or the server where eQ is running?

      The email notification that comes back when a Supplier returns an eQuestionnaire is no longer working in Production. The Send of the eQuesrationanaire is working fine, but not the return.

      I tried rebooting the server where EQ is running and it didnt help. And I compared configs with QA test where the emails are working and coming back. All other email notifications are fine too, just this one has stopped working.

      Please point my in the right direction.


      This is what the email looks like that is not working:

      Material Questionnaire 5026752 submitted

      Trey Auten

      1. trey.auten@tyson.com


      Material Questionnaire 5026752 for Testing Attachments has been submitted by Roger Koch at 8/22/2013 4:24:02 PM.


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