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    How to create additional WLS_REPORTS in Weblogic Server 10.3.3


        Below is my configuration:


        Oracle Weblogic Server

        Oracle Fusion Middleware

        Windows 2008 R2 - in 2 servers


        I am configuring High Availability and Load Balancer on both servers. I have installed WLS_FORMS and WLS_REPORTS in the 1st server, and WLS_FORMS1 and WLS_REPORTS1 in the 2nd server. Also installed ohs, default FORMS & REPORTS servlets in both servers.


        I have tested HA and LB on both server and they are working OK.


      Currently, I have 3 new extra report servlets that I need to installed in the servers. Since I am working on HA and LB, the servlets need to be clustered, like the following:


      1st Server=report_servlet_a1, report_servlet_b1, report_servlet_c1

      2nd Server=report_servlet_a2, report_servlet_b2, report_servlet_c2


      cluster_report_a=report_servlet_a1 and report_servlet_a2

      cluster_report_b=report_servlet_b1 and report_servlet_b2

      cluster_report_c=report_servlet_c1 and report_servlet_c2


      Therefore, the new WLSs will be setup in this way:


      wls_reports_a1 <-report_servlet_a1 in 1st Server

      wls_reports_a2 <-report_servlet_a2 in  2nd Server

      wls_reports_b1 <-report_servlet_b1  in 1st Server

      wls_reports_b2 <-report_servlet_b2  in 2nd Server

      wls_reports_c1 <-report_servlet_c1  in 1st Server

      wls_reports_c2 <-report_servlet_c2  in 2nd Server


      Kindly provide steps and/or notes how to perform the above. Thank you in advance!