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    Apex 4.2.2 Email not working


      I have couple of Apex instances and while emails from one of them never worked the other one worked until I upgraded both instances to v4. Upon checking mail queue I could see email were failing with ACL errors so had the instance to be allowed on the database via our DBA and now I no longer see the errors. The mail log reports that emails have been sent out but emails never arrive my inbox. From oracle sqlplus we can send emails out using UTL mail and they arrive immediately but can't run the utl mail from SQL workshop from within Apex as it doesn't like it.


      Since there is no error now and emails log suggests everything is fine it is difficult to investigate and wondered if anyone has similar issues or could help?


      Also is it possible to run a code from SQL Workshop to test the email using apex_mail function?


      Any help will be highly appreciated.