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    Retrieve data/files fro HTTP POST request in On-Demand process



      I would like to integrate https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload to my APEX 4.2 application inside XE11g. I would like to use this kind of jQuery component, multiple file upload, use Drag & Drop, image resize, size limit, filter extensions etc...


      This jQuery component and also others javascript uploaders sends data files to some defined URL. Developer need to build some servlet, php script or something on server side that will read files from HTTP request and stores it somewhere.


      Do you know how to do it in APEX? How can I read data from HTTP POST request in PL/SQL? Now I can only call my On-Demand application process from javascript, but I am not able to read any data from HTTP POST in it.

      Can I do it in APEX, or using MOD_PLSQL?


      I would like to implement this:


      1) some javascript uploader will call some URL of my application and sends HTTP POST with data files

      2) I will read data files from HTTP POST and store them into database

      3) I will create some HTTP response for javascript uploader


      Thank you for some tips