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    Problems debugging Web Services calls from WebLogic to a backend service


      I am attempting to call some existing web services from an ADF BC project.  This is not going so well. I initially started by using a Web Service Data Control.  That is giving me errors like the following where "dhcpLeaseActive" is one of the properties in the return:

      JBO-25058: Definition dhcpLeaseActive of type Attribute is not found in dhcpLeaseActive.


      There is not much there to go on... Why is it failing?  That Attribute is defined in the XSD for the response message.  I went on to attempt to move to a lower layer and created a Web Service Proxy class and use that web service proxy in a POJO Data control.  That did not go well either.  In that case I get an exception way down in the bowels of the proxy and here is some of the print stack...


      java.rmi.RemoteException: null; nested exception is:


        at charter.techops.proxies.OSSApiService_Stub.getDHCPInfo(OSSApiService_Stub.java:41)


      Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

        at weblogic.wsee.codec.soap11.SoapDecoder.decodeParts(SoapDecoder.java:163)

        at weblogic.wsee.codec.soap11.SoapDecoder.decode(SoapDecoder.java:125)



      I have two questions. 


      • Is there a way to turn on some logging to get better information as to why these failures are occurring?
      • Is there some JDeveloper or WebLogic tool that allows me to see the request traffic out of the WebLogic server to the backend WebService?