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    How to trigger commandToolbarButton action when pressing Enter key




      I have an inputText and commandToolbarButton in the page.  We have a requirement that when user enters some text in the inputText box, then press Enter key, the action of the commandToolbarButton will be triggered.


      <af:toolbar id="t7">

      <af:group id="g35">

         <af:inputText label="Quick Search" id="it24" columns="8">

               <af:validateRegExp pattern="[1-9][0-9]*" messageDetailNoMatch="Not a valid Request ID"/>


         <af:commandToolbarButton id="ctb13" icon="/images/search_ena.png" shortDesc="Search" action="#{viewScope.backing_requestOverview.onQuickSearch}" partialSubmit="false"/>




      Please share how can I implement this.