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    Get RichTable's Iterator name/id


      I can get required RichTable's reference in Backing bean using getTable() function.

      Now I want the iterator name (i.e. something like "tableVOIterator" (String) ) for that table.

      How can I achieve this?



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          You can try with:

          CollectionModel model = (CollectionModel) getTable().getValue().;

          JUCtrlHierBinding binding = (JUCtrlHierBinding)model.getWrappedData();

          String iteratorName = binding.getDCIteratorBinding().getName();



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            do not quite understand your problem but I have done so

            declare your set or get the method of the table in the bean

            and in the table you put       SelectionListener = "# {viewScope.bean.metodo}"


            on bean you can place the method that receives the event when selecting a row


                 public void metodo (SelectionEvent selectionEvent) {

                     if (this.getCampotabla (). getEstimatedRowCount ()> 0) {

            add ... code