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    Add record which deleted from data-block, back to the LOV



      I have a LOV which consist EMPLOYEE NUMBER & EMPLOYEE NAME.

      If I inserted new record to the data-block, I what that the LOV  won't consist the employee name that I have just inserted. I mean - before I save the new record.

      This I accomplished with Francois help in his site:


      -- Remove the selected value from the record group

        rg_id RecordGroup;
        rec_count NUMBER;

      -- Get the record group ID --
      rg_id := Find_Group( 'EMP_GRP' );

      -- Get the number of rows --
      rec_Count := Get_Group_Row_Count( rg_id );

        -- delete the selected row --
      FOR j IN 1..rec_Count LOOP
        If Get_Group_Number_Cell( 'EMP_GRP.EMPNO', j ) = :EMP.EMPNO Then
           Delete_Group_Row( rg_id, j );
           exit ;
        End if ;
      END LOOP;



      My question is about when the user in deleting an exist record from the data-block, and before he/she save this deleting - how I add back the deleting record (EMPLOYEE NUMBER & EMPLOYEE) back to the LOV?


      Thanks in advanced,