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    Display template family is not defined issue


      Hi All,


      We have gone live PT 8.52.16 yesterday, Users were facing issue with the CRM create case.


      When user click on a button in a pagelet, it will open a create case component. In that its throwing display template id not defined.


      Same user is able to work in another machine with out any issues. Both the machines has same IE 8 browsers + windows 7 machine.


      We have only one display template family i.e) CRM_HHD.


      Any reason why this is happening? Users who is having issue in accessing the create case in their machine were able to work on another machine.




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          Its throwing error like "Display template family is not defined error" pops out for few users. At the same time its working for few users.



          We could not find the exact issue why this is happening? is it due to app server cache issue?



          We have heard back that few users saying it was not working for them initially and later it started to work.