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    How to get the ASM to OS device name mapping


      Hi all,


      This seems to be an often answered question, but usually the answers specify what to do on the OS (e.g. run oracleasm etc) and/or in the ASM database running on the ASM Host (select * from V$...).


      In our situation have plug-ins collecting data from Agents. Plugins collect data from Oracle db/ASM targets and from storage arrays.

      Back on the OMS we want to be able to report on the ASM to OS device name mapping. To report, we use either the default metadata UI (i.e. data from the sysman.mgmt_emx_... tables) or we have a BI Publisher report that queries the OEM Repository Database (and can join the ECM tables from the different plug-ins).


      The link between the ASM path and the OS device name does not seem to be collected by either the Oracle DB/ASM plug-in, nor by any other plug-in (Host/Storage/...).

      It would be easy to go to Linux and run a few commands, but we need to support multiple platforms, like AIX, Solaris x86, Windows as well.


      A complicating factor is that ASM can be installed in different configurations, e.g. using ASMlib or using udev...


      I really suspect this wheel has been invented before?! Or is it really a matter of having multiple OS-specific low-level scripts and adding a bunch of instance parameters for allowing the user to specify all OS-specific path/utility names etc?

      Any suggestions welcome... :-)


      Many thanks,