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    selecting single record from multiple record based on date


      Hi experts,


      I have a table which contains the multiple records for single ID No. Now i have to select single record which contains the latest date.


      here is the structure


      Name   Null Type        

      ------ ---- ------------

      ID_P        NUMBER      

      NAME_P      VARCHAR2(12)

      DATE_P      TIMESTAMP(6)




      1 loosi     22-AUG-13 PM

      1 nammi  26-AUG-13 PM

      2 kk        22-AUG-13 PM

      2 thej      26-AUG-13 PM


      now i have to select below 2 rows how can write select qurie for this?

      1 loosi     26-AUG-13 PM

      2 thej      26-AUG-13 PM