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    AQ or DB adapter


      Can anyone tell which adapter is preferred when integrating 2 Oracle database (version and with Interconnect.

      Thanx in advance!

      Kind regards,
      Mark Slooff

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          You can use both AQ and DB. It depends on your application.
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            Dear all,

            I am in a confusion,bcoz I had done all the installation and configuration of 9iAS interconnect.Even I had modeled in iStudio for a new customer event,that also successful.
            But how can I practicaly check whethere two databases are communicating or not.

            My intention is if I enter a new customer in Database1 that should reflects in Database2.
            Plz....somebody help me or suggest me some URL's for practical deployment of interconnect

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              Dear Rupesh,

              If agent_log_level in your adapter.ini has the value 2 it will log every action in your log directory. Helps if your troubleshooting.

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                Question 1 on how to check if the Integration is indeed happening: Please refer to the Interconnect Usersguide (Part#:B10401_01- Chapter: Integration Scenario) and ensure that all deployment steps have been followed. (You might want to start a seperate thread if you want help with troubleshooting it)

                Question 2 on choice of AQ vs DB adapters: while either can be used, please be aware that using the AQ adapter implies having to write msg handling routines (enqueue and dequeue).