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    Issues with styling sorting icons for table header

    Tom Popescu



      I am currently trying to style the ascendent / descendent icons for the fields of a table header.

      I managed to change the icons and use the ones that I want, but I encounter certain problems.


      1. I can not display the sorting icons for all the columns at the same time. The only set of icons displayed is the one for the column that is currently being sorted. I want them to be visible for

      2. When a set of icons is displayed (meaning the column is currently selected and sorted), the header text that is by default centered (text-align:center) gets displayed a few pixels to the left in order to make room for the sort icons. My guess is this would not be an issue anymore if I managed to display the icons at all time for all the columns, but if I can't do that I would like to know how I can avoid this.

      3. I can't change the the image for hover on the sort icons. I tried with both hover (af|column:hover::sort-ascending-icon-style) and highlight (af|column:highlighted::sort-ascending-icon-style) and yet nothing. I also tried af|column::sort-ascending-icon-style:hover and af|column::sort-ascending-icon-style:highlighted and still nothing.


      If someone can help me out with at least one of these problems, I would immensely appreciate it.


      Best regards,