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    Asynchronous Business Event doesn't work


      Hi all, i've got a very interesting problem, all things i have read in forums and books gave me no results. This place is my last hope:)

      Here is Asynchronous Business Event which has  one pl/sql function in Subscription, this  subscription has  phase  101 and it  doesn't work. I dont know why. In theory it must be executed asynchronly.

      (With phase 99 it works ok, but with phase 99 result is wrong, therefore i try run it with 101).

      Here are some additional settings which can help you to understand the whole problem:

      Status: Active
      Owner Name: Human Resources.

      Owner Tag: PER

      Settings of Subscription
      Phase: 101

      Status: Enabled
      Rule Date: Message

      Action Type: Custom

      On Error: Stop And RollBack

      If these settings are not enough for solving the problem, tell me.