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    Drill through using Ragged Hierrachy from Essbase


      Problem Description


      I have a requirement to provide the drill through functionality after drilling down to the lowest level for unbalanced ragged heirrachy but the issue was that

      the lowest level grain was shared across different level. This we overcame in RDBMS by introducing skipped ( jumping the all leaf level to the last column) or Psedo balanced

      ( repeating the leaf level till the last column) and then using the Action link and providing the leaf level member as the parameter.



      But now the problem is we need to do the drill through in Essbase sourced cube in obiee where the heirarchy is ragged unbalanced and I cannot change it to skipped / psedo balanced.


      Pls. suggest how to achieve the drill through after drilling down to teh leaf level as the leaf level is shared acros sdiffernet levels.