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    Workflow to send notifications to multiple supplier email ID's




      I am little stuck in one logic. Don't seem to be a complecated but just looking for the right approach.

      I have a custom concurrent program which has a SQL query which returns multiple rows. Each row is a for each supplier e.g.


      Supplier1      sup1@gmail.com     123     5000

      Supplier2      sup2@gmail.com      456    4000

      Supplier3      sup3@gmail.com      789    3000


      This set is returned based upon some criteria mentioned in the where clause of the SQL.

      Ultimate aim is to send 1 notification to each of the email id's and those notification should have the corresponding attribute values.


      3 notifications fired from a workflow triggered by the concurrent program (which actually returns this 3 rows in a SQL)

      Supplier 1 to receive  5000

      Supplier2 to receive  4000

      Supplier3 to receive  3000


      My approach / or the only approach coming in mind is using a cursor for the SQL inside the concurrent program and using a for loop, initiating the workflow each time for a loop iteration i.e for each iteration of loop , workflow procedure will need to be initiated, so item type will be same but item key will of 3 different item key.  Please let me know if this is the only approach or is it somehow possible to fire only one instance of workflow and not 3 different instances to send 3 notifications.


      Ad hoc role creation would not be option here because the number of rows may be large and not just 10-15. I just need the correct approach to handle this,