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    Java.lang.error Undefined operation name CreateStore


      I was trying to call a WS client using a UI application. However upon calling the client, I hit this issue.

      Caused by: java.lang.Error: Undefined operation name CreateStore 

      at client.inventory.webservice.ReferenceUim.getReferenceHTTPPort

      at client.inventory.ui.util.WSCaller.getReferencePort

      at caller.ui.inventorygroup.delegate.Delegate.assignStockWS

      at caller.ui.inventorygroup.delegate.Delegate.assignStock

      at caller.ui.inventorygroup.bean.Results.assignStock

      By the looks of it can be seen that the error was caused becaused the operation "CreateStore" not exists in my client. However:

      1. It does exists
      2. I did not call "CreateStore" from the UI instead I was calling "AssignStock" operation as you can see from the error trace.

      Both operations are present in my WSDL.

      <wsdl:operation name="AssignStock">

      <wsdl:input message="invws:AssignStock"/>

      <wsdl:output message="invws:AssignStock"/>

      <wsdl:fault name="InventoryFault" message="invws:InventoryFault"/>


      <wsdl:operation name="CreateStore">

      <wsdl:documentation>This operation is used to create store </wsdl:documentation>

      <wsdl:input message="invws:CreateStoreRequest" />

      <wsdl:output message="invws:CreateStoreResponse" />

      <wsdl:fault name="InventoryFault" message="invws:InventoryFault" />


      Can help please to advise what was wrong on this case? Please let me know if I did not post enough information.