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    Workspace login fails after setting HTTPS


      Hi All,


      I have been doing some minor development work in APEX 4.n on 11g XE. From the instance administration pages I went to set


      "Enabled" for "Account Expiration and Locking" so as to force users to change password on first login. Whilst on that particular admin page I also flagged the "Require HTTPS" to Yes. Having done this I can no longer login to any of the workspace or admin pages.


      1. When I enter my workspace, userid and password details and click the login button it just refreshes the page and clears the fields.
      2. If I enter some incorrect details it displays the appropriate error message.
      3. I can still login to the applications as an end user
      4. Makes no difference if I set HTTPS or HTTP in the URL
      5. Same occurs if I use "Admin" user + password for the APEX Internal Administration login page


      Any suggestions on what I can do to reset the "HTTPS Required" to No as I suspect this is what is causing my problem due XE not supposed to be supporting HTTPS natively... yes - slapping my forehead now!!!


      Thanks in advance.