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    Adding a Testing/Validation Activity in Repair & Return Depot Repair Process




      Currently, we have a standard Repair & Return business process in R12.1 Depot Repair. The Prcoess is:

      1. Create a SR

      2. Create a RO

      3. Create RMA & receive the items in Repair Subinventroy

      4. Create a Job to repair the items

      5. Ship the repaired items.


      Now, the question or requirement is, I want to add a Testing/Validation activity before Job is created i.e., step 4. Based on testing result either job will be created to repair the item or return the item to the customer if its not repairable or scrap the item based on customer inputs.


      Thought of using Item level Inspection Required but it's not feasable to use as user says that they may repair the item even the Inspection is failed.

      How to add the above requirement.


      Appreciate your help.