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    Oracle Apex server issue




      Please answer me,  I don't know how the process flow in ORACLE APEX.


      I am having form page with two process i.e


      1. auto DML process on parent table (APP_MASTER) which performs DML automatically depends on button  Create, Delete, Update.

      2. one more process to delete child records from child table APP_DETAILS when Delete button click,


      there is record with app_id=109 in master table APP_MASTER , and this record references hundreds(800) of child records  in child table APP_DETAILS.


      when user click on DELETE button to delete this records,Consider in mid of child records deleting(500 records are deleted)  suddenly server goes down(or server has some  issue).

      in this case ,

      I would like to know whether rollback will work on deleted child records.


      I mean will i get back those deleted child records(500).



      Thanks and regards,

      Ibrahim Sayyed.