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    PO Requisition Hierarchy


      Hi Guys,


      I want to understand how the requisition hierarchy [based on position Hierarchy]  is created by Oracle in case of multiple lines associated to different accounts.


      Let me explain you the detail of example


      Suppose I want to create a requisition REQ1 which contains two lines LINE1 and LINE2. My lines information are listed below


      LINE1: Amount = 1000, Responsibility Centre = 680210, Project = 0000, Account = 1206

      LINE2: Amount = 1000, Responsibility Centre = 000000, Project = 0000, Account = 4190


      I have two different approval groups with ACCOUNT_RANGE for both responsibility center 680210 (Max Approval Amount 800) and 000000 (Max Approval Amount 1500) for a position. I am confused in this case what approval groups will be taken in to consideration by Oracle to create requisition hierarchy. I want to understand this logic so that I can use the same requisition hierarchy using AME functionality for my iExpense module. I would appreciate if you help me on this. Thanks.



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          Requisition approval is driven by the total requisition amount and not by individual line amount.


          In your example, total amount of the requisition is 2000 hence neither of your approval groups will be able to approve your requisition.