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    Issue with the update statement


      Hi all,


      I am facing issue with the update statement ..

      I have edw.dim_cdh_customer table, within which I have a column called Flag, now, I want to update the status with the value from another table shared.cdh_hz_parties, which is present in another schema.  Find below the command which I have written..   edw.dim_cdh_customer table will be having multiple records for a particular party number.. its more or less a parent child relation (wherein edw.dim_cdh_customer table is a child & shared.cdh_hz_parties is a parent, but without any foriegn & primary key constraints)


      update edw.dim_cdh_customer set dim_cdh_customer.status=(select status from shared.cdh_hz_parties) f where f.party_number = dim_cdh_customer.party_number


      Can you please help.