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    Install Oracle 11g 2 with response file


      Using the steps detailed here:

      http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/install.112/e24187/advance.htm I was able to create a response file for Oracle client  I created the response file by starting a manual installation (On a Windows 7 client) and then clicking on the option to create and save a response file.  I exited out of the Oracle install before completing it.


      I then used this response file  during a Windows 7 unattended install using this at the command prompt:  setup.exe -silent -nowelcome -nowait -noconfig - responseFile [location]


      My question is how do I set up variables in the response file so that it will work on installs for other users?


      # This variable holds the hostname of the system as set by the user.

      # It can be used to force the installation to use an alternative 

      # hostname rather than using the first hostname found on the system

      # (e.g., for systems with multiple hostnames and network interfaces). ORACLE_HOSTNAME=[HOW DO I SETUP A VARIABLE HERE FOR THE USER'S PCNAME?]


      # Complete path of the Oracle Home  ORACLE_HOME=C:\app\[HOW DO I SETUP A VARIABLE FOR THE USER's FOLDER HERE?]\product\11.2.0\client_1


      # Complete path of the Oracle Base. ORACLE_BASE=C:\app\[HOW DO I SETUP A VARIABLE FOR THE USER's FOLDER HERE?]


      What variables can I use so that I can use a single response file for multiple users?