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    Weblogic setup with Listener


      Okay..  I have tried to setup the Apex Listener with Weblogic and think I fouled up somewhere..


      I have a database server called Ralph12 and a WebLogic server called ziggy..


      I have installed apex 4.2.2 on Ralph12, initially had it with the epg server, on port 7878..  I then went and copied the listener (2.x) and the images folder OVER to the WebLogic server for configuration purposes.

      I installed the Listener, configured it with its configuration files stored in a folder below where war file is located

      I then built the I.war file from it using the static option for a java -jar


      In WebLogic console I found the apex.war file and deployed it.. (Strange that I found it in a folder ABOVE where it was being stored on server..)

      I could NOT see the i.war file so I manually downloaded it to my local machine and uploaded it via the WebLogic console.


      I have made them BOTH active and they seem in good health, but for the life of me I can NOT access the install of APEX now..


      trying the url to the database (http://ogre.xyzcompany.com/apex,http://ogre.xyzcompany.com/apex/)


      Since when setting up the listener under WebLogic does ask for a port #, I haven't included it in the url, is the correct??


      Thank you,


      Tony Miller

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