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    Having SSO time out issue with Login Screens


      Hi All,

        I have a customer that we are trying to set up WebCenter Content ( Studio with Single Sign On using OAM 11.1.1.  We have the integration set up and working properly except for one very annoying issue.


      If a user logs into WCC or our Site Studio site, they are prompted with the OAM configured Login screen (custom jsp page).  Once they enter their credentials, they are directed back to /cs or the site as expected.

      If the user then is inactive for 1 hour, their session seems to time out... This is fine... Except, upon navigating to another page, they are prompted for login, but this time, they are taken to the standard WebCenter Content login screen. -- This is bad. To make matters worse, if they enter their credentials into this standard screen, they are not logged in.


      How can I fix this issue.  I believe that all is set up properly.  I can login and logout properly using SSO.  However, this problem happens if the session times out.



      UCM Session timeout seconds: 3600 (we also tried 7200)

      Agent Settings:

      Cache Timeout 1800

      Max Connections 1

      Max Session Time 3600

      Failover Threshold 1

      AAA Timeout Threshold -1

      Lougout URL: This is null... Perhaps this is the issue.  What should it be set to?

      Logout Callback URL: /oam_logout_success

      Logout Redirect URLhttps://sso.company.com/oam/server/logout?end_url=https://prototype.company.com/cs/groups/public/redirect.htm

      Logout Target URL end_url


      I am at my wits end.  Any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated.  I need to get this resolved in the next couple of days.