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      I am having issue in viewing Dashboard with Publisher Report as I can access Dashboard with Answers for my users under BI_Analyst


      Is there any setting i need to modify for Publisher Integration??


      Any ideas??


      Thank you in advance.

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          Did you make sure that the Group that your user belongs to has access to both the Catalog folder, the one from which you get the Prompt and the other from which you get the BIP report from.


          Check that. and let us know what you find out.

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            Hi vjbez1,


            Thank you for the reply....both are located under the same folder and the issue still persists!!...


            any other options??


            Appreciate your time and thank you in advance.

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              For the dashboard on which the BIP report has been placed:


              1. Click "Edit Dashboard"
              2. Click the "Tools" drop down list (next to the "Preview" and "Run" buttons)
              3. Select "Dashboard Properties"
              4. At the bottom of the screen, select the page on which the BIP report is placed
              5. Click the "Permissions" icon (appears as a padlock against a white page)
              6. Check that the group / user you are having trouble viewing the BIP report has permissions "Run Publisher Report", "Schedule Publisher Report" and "View Publisher Output" enabled. If you can't see the group, you need to add it using the green Plus icon.


              Check again and see if problem persists. Let me know the outcome!





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                Hi GeoC,


                Thank you for the reply.....did check the permission set up you mentioned but the Analyst Role does exists there.....still the issue persists!!...unable to know the reason yet.....


                Any more options??


                appreciate your time and Thank you in advance.

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                  Can you give more detail on what happens when you try to view to BI Pub report on the dashboard? I.e. I assume you have embedded the report on the dashboard? When you attempt to view the report, what appears in its place? Any error messages? Also have you tried viewing the same report outside of a dashboard? I.e. through Bi Publisher directly?





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                    Hi GeoC,


                    Thanks for the reply.

                    I did integrate the BIP Report and when I attempt to view (in any format i,e pdf,html....) the report does not come up and


                    when the html is selected for a report with no prompt selection in report:

                    Error Detail - oracle.xdo.XDOException: oracle.xdo.XDOException: Could not get data source connection for: Oracle BI EE

                    when the html is selected for a report with prompt selection in report:

                    Error Detail - oracle.xdo.servlet.data.DataException: Invalid parameters requested.

                    And i cannot view the report outside the dashboard either i,e through BIP directly......

                    Appreciate your input and Thank you in advance.


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                      The first error message implies there's a problem with the connection between BIP and OBIEE. In this case, if the BIP report is reading directly from an OBIEE analysis, that problem will be caused by something not being set up correctly in the data model. Can you confirm that you are able to pull through data through the OBIEE analysis? And can you generate sample XML with the data model?





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                        Thank you GeoC!! can access the BIP reports once the connection between OBIEE and BIP has been configured for Analyst_role.