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    Error in performing baseline update


      Hi all,

                I have done ATG installation 10.2, I installed Endeca,During integration of ATG CRS10.2  with endeca

               1.I succesfully created a application with name CRS102,

               2.Initialized the services.

               3.While I am running the base line update I am getting the following errors



      [08.28.13 09:51:54] INFO: Checking definition from AppConfig.xml against existing EAC provisioning.

      [08.28.13 09:51:55] INFO: Updating provisioning for component 'DailyReportGenerator'.

      [08.28.13 09:51:55] INFO: Updating definition for component 'DailyReportGenerator'.

      [08.28.13 09:51:56] INFO: Definition updated.

      [08.28.13 09:51:56] INFO: Starting baseline update script.

      [08.28.13 09:51:56] INFO: Acquired lock 'update_lock'.

      [08.28.13 09:51:56] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting shell utility 'cleanDir_processing'.

      [08.28.13 09:51:57] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting shell utility 'cleanDir_forge-output'.

      [08.28.13 09:51:59] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting shell utility 'cleanDir_dgidx-output'.

      [08.28.13 09:52:00] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting shell utility 'move_-_to_processing'.

      [08.28.13 09:52:01] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting copy utility 'fetch_config_to_input_for_forge_Forge'.

      [08.28.13 09:52:03] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting backup utility 'backup_log_dir_for_component_ConfigurationGeneratorForge'.

      [08.28.13 09:52:05] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting component 'ConfigurationGeneratorForge'.

      [08.28.13 09:53:03] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting copy utility 'CopyRecsearchConfig'.

      [08.28.13 09:53:03] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting backup utility 'backup_log_dir_for_component_Forge'.

      [08.28.13 09:53:05] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting component 'Forge'.

      [08.28.13 09:53:19] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting backup utility 'backup_log_dir_for_component_Dgidx'.

      [08.28.13 09:53:19] INFO: [ITLHost] Starting component 'Dgidx'.

      [08.28.13 09:53:22] SEVERE: Batch component  'Dgidx' failed. Refer to component logs in C:\Endeca\Apps\CRS102\config\script\..\..\.\logs\dgidxs\Dgidx on host ITLHost.

      Occurred while executing line 53 of valid BeanShell script:



      51|        Dgidx.archiveLogDir();


      53|        Dgidx.run();





      [08.28.13 09:53:22] SEVERE: Caught an exception while invoking method 'run' on object 'BaselineUpdate'. Releasing locks.

      Caused by java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

      sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl invoke0 - null

      Caused by com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.exception.AppControlException

      com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.script.Script runBeanShellScript - Error executing valid BeanShell script.

      Caused by com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.exception.EacComponentControlException

      com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.component.BatchComponent run - Batch component  'Dgidx' failed. Refer to component logs in C:\Endeca\Apps\CRS102\config\script\..\..\.\logs\dgidxs\Dgidx on host ITLHost.

      [08.28.13 09:53:23] INFO: Released lock 'update_lock'.



      Errors in LOG FILE (Dgidx.log)


      Parsing XML dimensions data with validation turned on

      Parsing project file "C:\Endeca\Apps\CRS102\data\forge_output\CRS102.xml" (project="CRS102")

      XMLParser: Reading dimensions, dvals, and synonyms from file "C:\Endeca\Apps\CRS102\data\forge_output\\CRS102.dimensions.xml"

      ERROR 08/28/13 04:23:22.393 UTC (1377663802392) DGIDX {dgidx,baseline} Internal error while decompressing input stream: null

      FATAL 08/28/13 04:23:22.393 UTC (1377663802393) DGIDX {dgidx,baseline} Fatal error at file , line 0, char 0; Message: An exception occurred! Type:RuntimeException, Message:The primary document entity could not be opened. Id=C:\Endeca\Apps\CRS102\data\forge_output\\CRS102.dimensions.xml

      WARN 08/28/13 04:23:22.394 UTC (1377663802393) DGIDX {dgidx,baseline} Lexer/OLT log: level=-1: 2013/08/28 09:53:22 | INFO    | Disabling log callback



      I checked CRS102.dimensions.xml . This file is getting created but it is empty

      Please help me asap in resolving this error