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    How to call popup from other pages?


      Hello, I am using JDeveloper

      Till now I have build popup on my pages and I call them from the respective pages only. I want to have a popup that I can call from everywhere on my application.

      I want to have the opportunity of adding a new record in my application from everywhere through a popup. I do not want to use a task-flow for this as on return, the control returns to the parent

      task-flow. Is it possible to call the popup defined in one page from other pages?


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          Saif Khan



          If you are talking about af:popUp component, then I am not sure if you can call it from other page.


          But, if you want to open the popup (in the form of page) in the new browser window, then that could be achievable.



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            Thanks for replying, actually I need the first one. The problem that I have with the second approach is that I need to execute a method when the task-flow is finished but apparently I can execute methods only just before finishing. On the other hand I can not use a single page as a popup-window because I need to return back on Commit/Cancel button. Is there a way to return to the root page in this case?