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    4.0 Beta: Bugs?


      A couple of things I have noticed using 4.0 Beta:

      • SQL From File Not Displayed on Start
        When starting SQL Developer with numerous tabs saved from a previous session, the SQL in the current tab is not displayed.  If I select a different tab, then select the offending tab, the SQL is diplayed.  I did not notice this behavior in 3.2.2.
      • Server Output Requires DBMS Output Connection to be Enabled
        In 3.2.2, I was able to set SERVEROUTPUT in the SQL window to view server output without first enabling the connection in the DBMS Output window.  4.0 Beta appears to require this.
      • Slow
        I assume this is due to being beta with quite a bit of debugging information in it.


      I am running 64 bit Java 7 under Windows 7.  Note, I did try running with 64 Java 6 at first.  I experienced the same issues in both JVM's

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          How? In startup? In general usage? Can you provide any numbers to give us an idea of what you're seeing? I wouldn't assume anything...

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            I am not as concerned with this as I see the same delay in 3.2.2.  Figure with the plugins, jvm, etc. that this is just the way it is.  I don't see it as any different than any other program with a number of features.


            General usage:

            • Search/Replace
              I can see a noticeable lag that did not appear when doing the same operation in 3.2.2.  Was not a huge file, maybe ~1K lines in it.  The number of replacements was 20 to 25.  Straight text, case was matched, not a regular expression.
            • Undo
              Undo'ing the previous edit--no surprise given the lag from before!


            I generally have about 10 to 15 tabs open, of those 1 to 4 are not tied to any file, all are are shared between 1 to 2 different connections.

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              Thanks for narrowing down the problem to search and replace. We found performance issues when working with larger files/buffers and implemented a fix for the next EA.


              Does your search/replace 'speed up' if you try it in a worksheet that's not connected to a database?

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                Good Call!  The speed of the operation does appear to be quicker if not connected to a database.

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                  Then I think we have this nasty little bug squashed for our next update, EA2. And no, I can't tell you when that will drop

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                    If there is a specific place on the OTN forums that I should be placing information about SQL Developer 4.0 Early Adopter 1, please point me in the proper direction. This just seemed like a similar topic.




                    I am using SQL Developer 4.0 Early Adopter 1 on Mac OS X Version 10.8.4.




                    PROBLEM: when I execute a query and it appears as script output (not query result, but script output that is like text dump), I have the folIowing problems:




                    * I cannot cut and paste selected pieces of content using Command+C and Command+V.  For example, if I select a number in the output with my mouse, then hit Command+C and try to paste that number into an email, it does not work, the copy/cut will not work.




                    * while in the script output window,if the output fills entire script output window and it requires scroll up and down to see all output, then if I hit Command+A to "select all", it does not work, I must select all the content in the script output window manually using my mouse. Curiously, if I select it all with my mouse and hit Command+C, it will copy the data and allow me to paste it into another window, but if I select once column value from the output and hit Command+C, then it doesn't copy it and I am unable to paste it elsewhere. Also, when the output fills beyond the script output window, it does not scroll automatically, I must manually scroll down to see remaining output, this true for output of any subsequent queries that follow, they will execute, but to see the results, I must manually scroll down to see remaining output from additional queries.

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                      These are known issues and they're fixed.


                      Just post your issues as new threads on the forums. If you want to know if they're already reported, just search the forum for similar posts.