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    EM12c Access Advisor Results timeout


      I'm sure there's a tweak of some sort that can be applied here, and I figure this will be the place to get some help.


      I've run the SQL Access advisor on a 7 node RAC cluster and admittedly didn't filter anything resulting in a rather large set. However, though I can get to the access advisor task summary page that tells me it has various bits of wonderful improvements, when I try to access the Recommendations tab/or by clicking the link at the bottom of the page, it takes forever and a day, and then times out.


      Now, this cluster is in another DC than the OEM setup so there is some network latency involved, but is there some sort of tweak I can apply to speed this up? I'm a bit surprised that the recommendations tab isn't a "show me the top guys first, then allow me to click next page in decreasing order of improvement" sort of thing.


      I'm going to create an SR as well, but thought some folks here would have run into something similar.


      Thanks in advance for any pointers.