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    Starup of active dataguard in RAC




      i have a setup of active dataguard in RAC. This is my first time implementing dataguard in RAC.


      Primary - RAC

      Standby - RAC with active dataguard


      when ever standby server(anyone of the RAC instance) reboots it is getting till mount state. And after that how can i get the database be opened and put in recovery mode to do redo apply.


      I tried to push manual script as a startup script . Intially i kept sleep command for 15-20min and then connect to db instance and try to recovery from mounted database. But my mounted database is taking 15-30min to comeup once the server is rebooted.


      please help me how we configure startup statements once the RAC is in mount state(cluster is getting till this point) after server reboot.