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    Navigation Item Question




      Firstly, I am a SOA developer who, due to staffing issues, is now having to pick up some Webcenter work for my customer. So please excuse me if I get the terminology wrong, etc.


      Version: Fusion Middelware Stack is


      My customer uses Webcenter Spaces for there business application. The layout uses a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page which contains 6 tabs. The navigation model uses the Pages Query content item. Each tab represent a page which performs a single function, e.g. the task list appears on one page, and other pages display custom ADF components.


      The custom ADF components themselves contain multiple pages, which are accessed via buttons within the ADF component. Therefore, a user can be on a Webcenter page, and then can be three levels down in the ADF component. My customer would like to be able to reselect the Webcenter page (e.g. the page they are already on) from the navigation bar, and for that selection to cause the page to reload, which in turn would cause the ADF component to reload from the start. Currently, the only way of achieving this is for a user to select a different Webcenter page, and then go back (re-select) the previous page, which does reload the page and ADF component from the start.


      I have explored a number of options within Webcenter, and have tried using a  different navigation model based on Links, but have been unable to find a solution to this problem.


      I would be very grateful if anyone could assist with this query, or point me in the right direction.