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    HTTP Requests where are they logged

    CJ Bell

      We have an Oracle 10G Application Server  running a forms 10g Application


      From the forms a number of reports are called , recently it was discovered that a number of reports stopped working a long time ago but no one reported it


      I can see the reports failing in the reports log and when I click on the red X in the screen it is giving me an error of , cannot connect to the specified database


      Other reports are working fine so the TNSNAMES entries must be correct


      I cannot investigate the Oracle Forms Code as this aplication was developed many years ago by a 3rd party supplier who wouldn't give us the code


      is there any way I can track the http request that is being generated by the form as I suspect this will have the connetc string in , thus giving me the database the report is trying to connect to

      I also suspect that the forms may just be issuing a comand to run a Job ID , if so can this Job ID be extrapolated to the http request it was initially


      many thanks in advance