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    Error in creating PDF's from 11g Fusion ware report server :: REP-0178


      Hello Friends,


      I am trying to create pdf files from the report server command line, It works fine when I run the command from ORACLE User but when I run it from any other user I get error

      REP-0178: Reports Server rep_001 cannot establish connection.


      Command line that I am using is :-

      /abc/home/rwclient.sh server=rep_001 report=/abc/home/auto.rdf destype=file desname=/abc/home/report001 desformat=pdf userid=${ID}


      I am using a personal copy of reports.sh in /abc/home/

      It is also working fine when I run it from the browser report server link, the only issue is it didn't work through command line for any user other than Oracle.


      OS : Linux x86_64

      Reprots : Fussion ware 11g


      Kind regards,

      Aashish Sharma