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    Unable to login to BPM Composer in BPM


      Hi Everyone,


      When I am trying to login into BPM Composer using weblogic/welcome1, it does not working. Instead of that I am getting an error - "Invalid ID and password". For BPM workspace, I get an error "Authentication not valid".


      Initially I have put BPM and SOA in a single server (Developers template) and faced this issues. Some of the forums replied that the BPMComposer has to be targetted to soa-server1. Incase my case, it was AdminServer. So, I have created another domain, this time with soa-server managed server. But still have the issue.


      I do have weblogic username in the default security realm and able to login with this user into WL console, EM console etc, except to BPM Composer/Workspace.


      In BPM user guide, I saw this note: For URL, click HERE.


      2.3 Signing On to Oracle Business Process Composer


      Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On is enabled by default in Oracle BPM Suite. OracleAS Single Sign-On enables you to use one sign on session to access multiple web-based applications. If OracleAS Single Sign-On is enabled and you have previously signed on to another application, the Business Process Composer sign on screen may not appear.


      So, was wondering if IDM Suite is a pre-requisite to BPM Composer? But there is no documentation mentioning this anywhere. Any pointers to this?