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    Flattening 1:m data relationship in List Format Designer


      Hi all,


      We're implementing Siebel Marketing, which uses OBIEE for Segmentation and List Format for the fulfilment export.


      I'm trying to define a List Format that flattens out a one to many relationship in my Siebel data. For example, a Contact in Siebel has two addresses: Home and Work with respective Address Types. From within the List Format alone, I want to be able to extract on a single line for that Contact:

      Contact First Name, Contact Last Name, Home Street Address, Home Postcode, Work Street Address, Work Postcode


      Is it possible to flatten out 1:M data in this way in the List Format designer alone? The Edit Column Formula give me some options around filtering and transformation but I can't get my head around how I might implement the requirement.


      I don't want to have to do anything in the RPD or ETL to achieve this, if I can avoid it.


      Many thanks for your thoughts.