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    Please Help!!! Why does this code work in 6i forms and doesnt work in 11g forms


      I have been trying to fix this thing for weeks and for some reason I cant figure out how to get it to work.


      This is the error codes that I am getting:

      FRM-41219: Cannot find report: Invalid ID (this pop on the screen I then click ok button the next one show at the bottom of the screen)

      FRM-40738: Argument 1 to builtin RUN_REPORT_OBJECT cannot be null


      Basically this code is suppose to call a report that makes another screen pop up and show the report.


      Here is the code behind the button on the form "Print Record".


      IF  :REQUEST_AMOUNT<100000 THEN :TEXT_ITEM83:=:request_amount;

      ELSIF :REQUEST_AMOUNT>1000000 THEN  :TEXT_ITEM83:=1;   /* I think the ELSIF should be changed to ELSE IF not sure */

      END IF;




      Here is the code that is behind the quere box.





      if :global.qry_rep_val='3' then null;

      elsif :global.qry_rep_val=1 then


      elsif :global.qry_rep_val=2 then


      elsif :global.qry_rep_val =4 then   /* Yes there is a extra space inbetween the "val" and "=". Should I delete it*/

      Call form('/export/home/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_FRHome1/forms/vba_tda_qry', HIDE, NO_REPLACE, QUERY_ONLY);

      end if;