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    Apply profile to Site Studio Check-in




      I created a profile in Content Server that hides most metadata and makes several fields required. In Site Studio Designer when I edit a Region Definition I take the following steps:

      1. Click "Modify Metadata..." button to open the "Enable Metadata Modification" dialogue box
      2. Disable metadata fields
      3. Select the profile from the "Profile Trigger" drop-down box
      4. Save the Region Definition


      When a user tries to contribute a new piece of content through the Site Studio interface, they select the Region Definition and then when arriving at the check-in screen those metadata fields are not hidden and the profile is not being applied.


      Does anyone have an idea about why? Have I missed a step? Is there another solution?


      I need to hide almost all of the metadata fields from this check in screen.




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          Srinath Menon-Oracle

          Hi Mitch ,


          By default these Profiles and Rules are not applied on Site studio Contribution Mode . You will have to check the actual service which is being referenced when invoking Contribution mode (which can be done by check the requestaudit,services,sitestudio* tracing sections) and then build a custom component to have the profiles / rules applied to it .




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            The "Modify Metadata" button doesn't apply to new content, it only applies to the update form for existing content. Don't use that.

            The button you want is "Switch Region". From here you set the profile trigger field dropdown at the bottom, you won't need to touch the list of metadata fields.