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    Configuring ODI for BI APPS



      I am trying to configure Oralce BI APPS by running the configApps.sh script on AIX.

      And I have an error during configuration of ODI. Java erorr message says to see log files and I can see only this message in log:




      [2013-08-30T11:39:15.686+03:00] [as] [WARNING] [] [oracle.as.install.bi] [tid: 4] [ecid: 0000K3EIf7jBh4G6yz3j6G1I85Cp000005,0] Unable to get CanonicalHostName for hosts : LocalODIMachine , <my.server.domain.name>


      Where  "my.server.domain.name" resolves into the local ip address.


      Is there any need in chanching /etc/hosts file to make the name  LocalODIMachine possible to resolve into an IP adress?


      Anybody knows how to fix this issue?


      Please F1!






      Also, could anybody explain, why this is written in documentation (Installing and Setting Up Oracle BI Applications)


      In 3.3.5 Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence

      On the Configure Components screen, for Oracle BI Applications V11., you must select the following four options:

      Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

      Business Intelligence Publisher (will be automatically selected).

      Real-Time Decisions.

      Essbase Suite.


      What about if I have not any Essbase suite installed? When I check this checkbox, I have an error during BI APPS configuration while trying to start Essbase opmn processes.