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    Creating an Excel to CI for Single Payment Vouchers using VCHR_EXPRESS component


      Hello everyone!


      I have hit a roadblock in creating an Excel to CI for loading Single Payment Vouchers.  I have created my own Component Interface (WC_AP_SPV_CI) and I have gone through making sure I include all the values needed from the VCHR_ADDSRCH_VW record definition as I see that is used for the "Create" method.  HOWEVER, after messing around with this for a week, I am ready for some HELP from anyone out there.  I get the following error when I am trying to submit the data in the Excel Spreadsheet.





      <messagetext>First operand of . is NULL, so cannot access member CopyFieldsTo. (180,236) VCHR_EXPRESS.GBL.PreBuild  PCPC:1211  Statement:19</messagetext>

      <explaintext>The first operand of the dot operator is the NULL value, indicating the lack of any object value. As a consequence, the given method or property cannot be used.</explaintext>





      <messagetext>Error loading Component Processor {WC_AP_SPV_CI} (91,24)</messagetext>

      <explaintext>The run-time system that processes Component definitions did not load as expected.</explaintext>





      <messagetext>Failed to create the Component Interface</messagetext>


      Has anyone created an Excel to CI Component Interface using the VCHR_EXPRESS component?  Has anyone run into the same error? Any advice is EXTREMELY appreciated!