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    Re: Query on IZO-516 Exam




      I am new to this thread. Was not sure where to post my question.. so posting here as this post is related to 1Z0-516 and I am in urgent need of an answer..


      My 1Z0-516 exam is scheduled in 2-3 weeks time from now. Appreciate if somebody could help me with below queries:


      1. Can we have more than one answer for a question in exam? or its going to be always one answer..

      2. What is the best way to practice for the exam.. are there any sample tests/questions I can get/buy from a trusted source?


      Thanks a lot for your help.



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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle

          All questions will have one answer unless the item indicates something like "choose two." In that case, both selections must be correct to have the item marked as correct. There is no partial credit. Regarding practice tests and prep materials for this exam, the only materials I am aware of are included as recommended training on the exam page. 516 Exam


          Brandye Barrington

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