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    RAC Extended: 2 site cluster without SAN interconnection?


      Hello :


      First of all thank you for your time and your support.


      We are planning to deploy a RAC Extended Cluster with 2 nodes (Dell PowerEdge) and 1 SAS enclosure (Dell Powervault MD3220) on site A and the same on site B, (and a third Quorum site with NFS voting disk)

      both sites will be interconnected with a redundant high speed connection (cluster interconnect) and a redundant connection to the public network.


      I know that usually a SAN interconnection between site A and site B is needed too, but the question is:

      It would be possible to deploy a 2 site cluster without the SAN interconnection between site A and site B?

      It's possible to deploy this cluster without the inter-site Storage dedicated connection (SAN link)?

      Could ASM mirror the storage from site A to site B and vice versa through the cluster interconnect network?


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