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    This installation has not yet been configured, apex listener 2.0.3 , Glassfish4 , Oracle, sqldeveloper 3.2.20



      I installed Glassfish4, and the most recent version of the Apex listener 2.0.3, apparently not tested for QA.

      I ran into this error, and no URL to the documentation.

      AFAIK, I should configure the listener using Sqldeveloper now, I can not provide any database details, and there is no help text.


      Can anyone explain, why Oracle makes such a mess of everything. I am struggling on this for hours, and most of the online information pertains to obsolete versions of Glassfish and Listener, so provides no info at all.


      Help please. Can not access my application anymore.



      Sybrand Bakker

      Senior Oracle DBA