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    timesten trigonometric  functions


      We cache oracle 11g2 data in timesten   ( IMDB )


      We can't find any trigonometric functions like  cos(x), sin(x)  or so in timesten.

      Does that means timesten doesn't support trigonometric functions?

      So how we work around this problem then?

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          TimesTen does not currently support trigonometric functions. The only workaround is to move this processing logic into application code. Of course, that is not always a good solution...



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            Thanks for you answer anyway.

            sin/cos/asin  really make me suffer for three days.

            1. First I wanna use external function call c or java math method , but luckily,  timesten doesn't support it.  (oracle does)

            2. Then I  write my own sin/cos/asin algorithm in user defined function (took a long time to make it happen) , but still luckily, timesten doesn't support call user defined function in sql



            I sincerely hope timesten support trigonometric functions and calling user defined function in sql in the next edition (it's still, should be 12.*  like  the oracle 12c).


            It's a long way since v7.0,  I think it's the time to make user happier. Otherwise people should looking solidb for substitute.