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    SOA 11g Cluster




      Version: Oracle SOA Suite


      We configured DBAdapter to poll data from a legacy system in a polling frequency set as 1hr and send it to another application.  Since we recently moved to soa cluster, we are in the process of modifying the DBAdapter to support cluster.  We have gone thru the oracle fusion developers guide, hence we came to know there is an option 'Distributed Polling' needs to be checked in the dbadapter configuration.  After we enable it, we can see the following entry in <file>-or-mappings.xml (toplink file)







      After we set this property for all our transactions (we pull invoice, po etc from legacy system and send that to 3rd party application), we deployed the BPEL's.  Except for invoice, other transaction bpel's works fine. i.e after those properties are set, the DBAdapter for each transaction polls record without any duplicate. However, invoice still polls record twice i.e duplicate record gets created in the em console.  What could have gone wrong?  I compared the toplink file of invoice with other transactions, the properties are same as others! I don't understand why invoice alone pulls duplicate record?  Any feeback would be of great help!




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          Reason could be the DistributedPolling setting is not in effect for the Invoice DB adapter; try re-configuring/recreating the adapter. Also, double check whether primary key is correctly set for the Invoice table in the DB adapter so the adapter can uniquely identify a record. Also, ensure that the after read configuration for polling is correctly set (say, logical delete) so the records once processed are marked.

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            thanks for the response.  I'll reconfigure the DBAdapter and try it again.