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    Resizing the scene


      Hi guys!


      I''ve been working in this screen: http://i.imgur.com/57Teo4y.png

      There's the menu in the left side, the highlighted button that opens another area that we'll call "central area" and the empty space that will be the container for the selected menu item. In this case, it's the "Historico da aula", that can be translated to english like "Class History" (just FYI )


      Well, when I press the highlighted button to open the "central area", this happens: http://i.imgur.com/Ia2z2mL.png

      The container extrapolates the scene and instead of resizing, it moves to left.


      I use Scene Builder (FXML) and NetBeans.


      I don't know what kind of specific informations I can give to you, but feel free to ask and I'll respond.


      If anyone has an idea why this happens, it will make my day.