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    APEX 5.0 release date


      Any idea when apex 5.0 will be available?



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          What is missing currently in Apex version latest, that makes you want to have an Apex v5?


          And how sure are you that this specific requirement of yours will be addressed in a new version?


          Apex is quite flexible. And even if it does not support a specific feature (e.g. HTML5 canvas graphics), it does not mean that you cannot integrate it. So why then the current desire for a new version?

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            Sven W.

            This century. With a very high probablility for this decade.

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              Howard (... in Training)



                I'd be interested knowing about V. 5 as well.  There will likely be bug fixes and additional features that make doing what we've been doing easier and cleaner.  I'm sorry if there have been replies that seem less than helpful.


                Joel Kallman was just here -- literally a couple of buildings over -- but I had to get someone to-from medical appts. that morning.   Maybe one of the other folks who went has notes.




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                Tom Petrus

                It's highly unlikely that any date may have been mentioned. In March (ogh apex day) there was also talk about 5.0 and maybe even a 4.3 release, but there is always the "safe harbour statement" so no guarantees on anything (features, dates, releases) - only: this is what we'd like to get in or are looking at. I'd be surprised if any concrete date or period would've been mentioned. Honestly, nothing to do but sit and wait, and suddenly an early adopter will pop up. If you have a requirement now, then deal with the now and don't hope for any eventual feature in a release somewhere in the future. That's how it's been so far.

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                  Hilary Farrell-Oracle



                  As I'm sure many of you are aware, we are not obliged to discuss release dates for our products, so unfortunately we can't provide a release date for our next major release, APEX 5.0. However, what I can mention is that we do intend on releasing a patch release, APEX 4.2.3, soon.  So I suggest keeping an eye on our OTN page for when it is made available.  In the meantime, you can refer to our 5.0 Statement of Direction for details of proposed features for that release.  If you wish to submit requests for new features, please refer to our Feature Requests application.




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                    Howard (... in Training)

                    Thanks Tom.



                    "nothing to do but sit and wait" ???

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                      Tom Petrus

                      I don't know about you, but that is what I do all day!

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                        Because we have a some requirement and functionality that i want to build in my application which is going to be part of V5 like multiple IR reports, JQuery Grid and hoping to see some new template for mobile application. I know there is a workaround for all. I can create multiple page with IR report and display in one page using iframe or integrate jQuery grid and create a template. This required more effort and time. If the functionality is build within apex it is easy to maintain and upgrade. Since it almost a year after 4.2 was release and was mention that V5 will be release in the first part of the financial year. If the functionality is build within apex it is easy to maintain and upgrade.

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                          I don't like IR reports. And the graphing is horrible (in IR, not just using Apex graphs in general).


                          I have rewritten much of the stuff I don't like, like graphing - and it works seamlessly (as new report regions) in Apex. Which is IMO one of the biggest strengths of Apex. The ability to extend the framework.


                          My colleagues are extensively using ExtJS in Apex for example. The web app from a GUI perspective looks nothing like Apex. Yet, the runtime framework is all Apex.


                          So one can either sit and wait for something to happen.. maybe.. in an Apex upgrade.. at some time. Or one can use the ability that Apex provides to build and integrate the functionality wanted.


                          I'm not one for waiting...

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                            Tom Petrus

                            That is cool and I agree, but that is also something you have to be able to consistently provide and support. If you're a consultant and your firm uses a template or at least offers it, then that is a good option for example - even though there will be plenty of clients who don't want or need it. Components not being a standard component or at least standardized usually leads to maintenance issues or "lost knowledge" (the one who implemented it moved along and now the burden falls on someone else, or worse, multiple people - a good moment to reconsider or standardize but that doesn't happen a lot since time=money). Not to mention that your example of ExtJS is a paid option. Which, of course, is just a valid option that one can consider! Usually though, the less money to spend on things the better - especially with apex (that's just my general experience though).

                            Of course, what you are getting at is what I meant as well: if you have to get it done now, then what does it matter if something might come sooner or later.


                            @pkpanda Will you tell the customer to sit and wait because you can not offer a solution, albeit creative? Who knows, it is even possible the multiple ir per page or jqgrid tabular form may not even make it to 5.0. What would you do then?

                            Rethink the UI in terms of what you have available and your skillset,  that is all any of us can really offer in this discussion.

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                              Scott Wesley

                              In case anyone reading this missed it - Hilary mentioned the feature request application.


                              While new feature will always be cool, I'd also like to see an introspection regarding some facets of the Development Builder.

                              I've requested a few myself, but for example (to get creative juices flowing)

                              - conditional on dynamic action true/false actions

                              - improvements in dynamic action copy

                              - extent cache infrastructure, including APIs

                              - more multi-row editing facilities, similar edit all on page components, and grid edit for pages - but not so buried.

                              - features aiding release management / version control

                              (possibly via extending build options?)

                              - littler things like adding static ID attribute in component wizards

                              - compile attribute inline documentation online

                              - all encompassing comments dictionary view

                              - small win - delete multiple templates at a time


                              I look forward to the next release, whenever it may come ;-)



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                                What is missing currently in Apex version latest

                                1) We hope the TAB Management framework to be replaced with drop-down menu framework such as


                                as Scott said

                                I find APEX tab sets cause all sorts of issues in applications, either through management or behaviour. A common request is to create some pull-down menus as a replacement.


                                2) Add RTL support to applications and menus




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                                  Scott Wesley

                                  Tab management is currently awful.


                                  I think that would be a good framework to offer as a standard list template.

                                  I think a refactored module might utilise the twitter bootstrap version used in the Enkitec navbar plugin.


                                  The resultant framework should still have the option to nominate a dynamic list as a source - effectively making it static or dynamic.



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