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    Oracle VSS writer not visible in list of VSS writers -> can't backup Oracle DB


      So, I have Microsoft Data Protector Manager(DPM) 2012 on Win2012. I want to backup Oracle DB using the DPM. In order to do that I need Oracle VSS writer. Its installed on a Win2008 machine. Unfortunately the Oracle VSS writer is not visible in list with writers, when I run vssadmin list writers. Only if I run oravssw /q /status I can see the Oracle VSS writer installed and running.

      So basically I need to register this Oracle VSS writer in a way, that I'm able to see it in list of VSS writers, when I run vssadmin list writers command i.e. it is visible for the system/OS. Or some workaround to obtain the Oracle VSS writer's ID, which would look like {d61d61c8-d73a-4eee-8cdd-f6f9786b7124}.