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    db adaptor for insert- SQLException: [SQL0803] Duplicate key value specified


      While invoking db adaptor for insert on table 1 selecting values form another table, i am gtting error ; before3 insert i am updating table 2nd using db adaptor

      QUERY insert into CRPDTA.F5504579 (SELECT * FROM CRPDTA.F5504571 WHERE PAHDC=#v_updatedRecord_HDC)


      Error :

      Non Recoverable System Fault :

      <bpelFault><faultType>0</faultType><bindingFault xmlns="http://schemas.oracle.com/bpel/extension"><part name="summary"><summary>Exception occured when binding was invoked. Exception occured during invocation of JCA binding: "JCA Binding execute of Reference operation 'insert_Ledger_F5504579' failed due to: Pure SQL Exception. Pure SQL Execute of insert into CRPDTA.F5504579 (SELECT * FROM CRPDTA.F5504571 WHERE PAHDC=?) failed. Caused by java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0803] Duplicate key value specified.. The Pure SQL option is for border use cases only and provides simple yet minimal functionality. Possibly try the "Perform an operation on a table" option instead. This exception is considered not retriable, likely due to a modelling mistake. To classify it as retriable instead add property nonRetriableErrorCodes with value "--803" to your deployment descriptor (i.e. weblogic-ra.xml). To auto retry a retriable fault set these composite.xml properties for this invoke: jca.retry.interval, jca.retry.count, and jca.retry.backoff. All properties are integers. ". The invoked JCA adapter raised a resource exception. Please examine the above error message carefully to determine a resolution. </summary></part><part name="detail"><detail>[SQL0803] Duplicate key value specified.</detail></part><part name="code"><code>-803</code></part></bindingFault></bpelFault>


      Please suggest....