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    Dataload process never terminates



      I loaddata through EAS without rule file, process failed with errors but I do see from sessions that that process not termination after killing and restart all hyperion services on box.

      It is not allowing to run any load process until it completes.


      When I try to stop database/application it displays like


      abc.xys.com:1423Get Analytic Server versionSeptember 3, 2013 11:04:31 PM ISTSucceeded
      abc.xys.com:1423.appname.Plan1Stop databaseSeptember 3, 2013 11:04:35 PM ISTFailed

      Error: 1013018 Cannot unload database [Plan1] while user [xxxxxx@Hobbes] is performing database operation.  Wait for the user to complete the operation, or ask the user to abort it.  Log out all users and then unload the database.


      What is the process to stop/kill these terminated sessions?



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          Vasavya Chowdary

          Dont Kill it better use Maxl statements


          alter application 'APPNAME' disable connects;

          alter application 'APPNAME' enable connects;


          it will help

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            Celvin Kattookaran

            Are you saying that you do see it in the sessions (or do not?)

            If you are on windows you can open the task manager and kill ESSSVR session on that application (View -> Select Columns -> Command Line)

            If you are on *nix then ps command will show you the app name, kill the process id associated with it.







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              I tried in 2 ways, which are actually helped


              alter system logout session on application 'appname' force; - this will help 90% of times.


              If above didn't not help I kill session from server then run the same above statement, then it kills 95% of times


              The ultimate way to stop application irrespective of whether calc running or dataload running is


              to kill  "ESSSVR" process  of application specific. now it kills 100% and stops application, I give 2 min refresh time, then start application.


              Thanks for all your replies guys